Wednesday, July 30, 2008

pre-50 mile thoughts

last saturday was my last big day. not sure.. maybe 21 miles then 10 walking miles in town. by the end of the night my legs and feet felt like the world had come to an end. However, by morning i felt new. The last few days I have just spent time visiting friends.. and family. Today i went and planned out the run. no support. just me and my brain hiding water and stuff all over the place in hope that it is there when i need it.

my body is in top conditiong but not near its wall at all. I can without a doubt get much stronger and much better. I know i can. I have problems with blood sugar which is normal and the soul getting tired of the insanity.. but today.. walking among the trees.. no humans.. nothing evil or bad.. no corporations.. no getting fired.. just me and the forest.. and i felt so at one with what was around me.. no judgment.. just me.. and it felt very very good..

going to bed now.. and getting up early.. see what happens. the days have been hot.. so that concerns me.. so we will see..

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