Thursday, July 24, 2008

July 23rd, 2008

After some work managed to get foot rx to get me a pair of new balance 874 shoes. the logic is to keep the shoes super light.. and very wide.. no arch support. If this shoe works it will be the primary shoe for my 100 mile.

Today I did about 18 miles in Bentcreek. Biggest challenge is the temp. outside. However, the body did super well. The night before was tough. I had cramps in my hands and arms for reasons beyond me. Made it very tough to sleep. My over all time was about 7.2 miles per hour.. I mixed the course again to make sure i was near water. I also took about 4 s-caps during the run, 2 before and 1 after the run was over. This layout of s-cap supliments seems to reduce cramps at night and helps my feet not hurt as much. I wore the imogene la sportiva shoe.. which loves to create blisters but gives me tons of good knee support.

No night running, was lazy. that simple. Last night i layed in bed thinking about the race and starting to understand how important it is going to be to do more mixed runs.. multi times a day.. not allowing my life to cancel runs.. and to reduce photography projects to get in my training time.

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