Thursday, July 31, 2008

35 miles

the start time was about 6:50am. The temp outside was already 74 degrees. By the time i had run about 5 miles my entire body was wet as though i had stepped into the shower for 20 minutes. The right leg started to cramp up so i keep eating s-caps and drinking water.. not enough water. By the time i hit the 23 mile mark the cramps had started to build up however did not need to do any walking.

The real surprise and the super good news is honey. I also ate that super fast and it did amazing things for my energy. I had 23 miles in at 3.10 minutes which is much faster then my normal times given the bulk of the running to the point was up hill, super up hill.

The bottom 12 miles which is 6 down and 6 up was killer. The temp was near 90 and the humidity was as bad as it can get. Lighting and thunder but no rain. What is the deal. I had no choice but to walk most of the return section given it is about 1,500 foot gain and the right leg was super cramped.

By the time i made it to 35 miles the legs (both) had cramped up on me. I had taken about 10 s-caps and 4 quarts of water. My guess is the water intake was way below what I needed to make it in those temps and humidity. I will never know for sure.

I started in my La Sportiva shoes. They did good. Given weight issues and a desire to cut back on work load for my feet I switch to the NB 873. I am not sure if that was a mistake but at this point it looks like it. I think the switch made the cramps worse.

Came home and took some asprin, laid down for an hour and drank water. My goal is to head out to the UNCA grass track and do some miles.. maybe 10. Yes it is super hot and yes it is crazy but I want to do 50 miles today one way or another.

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