Friday, July 18, 2008

July 16th Night Run

Taking the advice of Anton Krupicka I have started to do some night running. My only problem is running in dark forest could mean getting lost or attacked or something so i have selected the soccer field and grass course of UNCA. To my delight there was another runner doing his thing. Shirt off and slim body along with almost perfect simple style gave me the motivation i needed to add more miles to an already kinda tired body.

This specific run, about 7 miles was run with my new ASICA IGS. What a joke shoe. I will need to do some big remodel work on this shoes to make sure it does not cause my feet tons of pain. I have been running with the New Balance 873.. on the long morning runs.. as of late. The feet seem happy if for no other reason then the shoe is not telling the feet what to do or where to stay.. and the feet seem to be liking this relationship.

The night runs are amazing. The moon came out. The sky was kinda cloudy..with a few stars. The body loved the darkness and the moments. Yes, I will be back. The goal is to do at least 4 night runs a week and 4 to 5 day runs for a total of 110 miles. See what happens.


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