Sunday, July 27, 2008

July 26th, 2008

Thursday was ten miles on grass and track during the heat of the day. Did really well. Also did ten of this super short hill climb that added to the mix. Friday was a rest day and Saturday was the day from hell. On Saturday ran 21 miles. Started the run in the afternoon around 4pm. The day managed to get really hot so the air was strange. I took tons of s-caps.. but in the end started to get cramps. Given it was saturday night and folks wanted to party I headed into town on foot. No drinking for me.. but just see the big party in town. However, by 10pm my legs and feet felt like a large truck had run over them.

The goal is being met. This week has some good long runs. and if all goes as planned today i will run at least 16 to 20 miles putting the week into the 90 plus miles.

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