Saturday, July 19, 2008

July 20th Day Run

the morning run turned into a fall and catch yourself run.. yea.. i fell pretty hard.. and the left knee .. looks like some bear attacked me. However, given i have big bones nothing is wrong. I did about 21 to 22 miles with 90 degree temps. Most of the run is in the shade of the trees.. but some is not. The big challenge with today is no s-caps.. only water from creeks.. of which i pour more on my body.. to keep cool then drink.. the water is pretty bad and even for this 3rd world country man i have to cut back.

I did several mixes.. i started at the arboretum.. took a side trail .. up to 479a.. then followed it all the way back to 479.. at which point i turned around .. and went back.. to sleep gap.. ran down.. then over to some water.. then back up sleep gap .. and down the rest of the way back to the arboretum.. the multi hill climb on sleepy gap is enough to kill you in the heat.. but the only thing wrong with me right now is the lack of salt in my muscles.. no s-caps.. a bit of pain as the legs try to catch up.. yes.. i will run tonight.. only 7 miles.. then back to the same place in the morning.. to do about 16 to 18 miles..

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