Tuesday, September 9, 2008

September 9th, 2008

Just a short update. Received an email from the race director. Seems most of the runners have done a few 100 mile races in their time. Given my longest is 50 this should be interesting. My guess is I will learn something about my body and my soul.

The running is starting to get old. I love the mountains and the beauty after a rain but the hills are starting to bug the heck out of me. The good news is my body seems to enjoy the harder flatter ground and that is what this race is all about, flat ground and hard ground. If this race was about hills i think i would spend half of my time upset at the hills.

Friday is new shoe day. Given i am running at least 25 to 30 miles every day these days.. and eating like a horse I need new shoes. The 874 shoe is turning into the greatest of blessings.

On another note: I was born in Ogden utah. This race is in Utah.. my home.. and the world i have a good understanding of. I appreciate the desert and love the feeling it brings to the soul when running in the desert.


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