Friday, September 5, 2008

September 5th, 2008

My tight bro, Brian, assures me i am crazy. I have decided he is right. Well, I kinda knew he was right some time ago.. but you keep those things secret. My running this week is well. The cramps in the right calf are getting much better and the big toe on the left foot is nearly perfect. Ok, so i ask myself with a sigh.. what could break.. what could go wrong? I am not sure. Just cross my fingers.

Hudson, my crew boss for this race.. or manager as he likes to call himself (he has no one below him.. so i am not sure if he needs any title except the guy who will keep me alive) is ready.

I think i am too. I really think that every single mile after 50 is my mind telling my body it can keep going.. the minute my mind does not want to go.. the body will be weak and give in.. kinda that simple.

Tonight if work allows I will hit for another 10 miles. Trying different food diets.. then running.. seeing which ones give me the best payback.

What i do know is once the run is over.. i plan on hitting the gym. Given I am in better shape then at any point in my life here is my chance to look like a million bucks.. or at least look great in case i move to southern cal.. where many look great.. .. as i laugh under my soul.

The shoes have saved my race. Without these shoes i would have given up the ghost by now.


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