Friday, September 12, 2008

September 12th, 2008

Today i picked up another pair of nb 874 shoes. For my feet these are the perfect shoes. The support is lacking but the flexability of the shoe is amazing. When i finish running 20 miles the feet feel like i never ran a mile.

The run is going good. I have been putting in 20 to 30 miles a day. I run in the morning and at night. The biggest challenge is eating enough of the food my body needs. I have selected to eat food instead of taking pills. I could take pills but eating food is a bigger funner challenge and i am crazy for a good challenge. No doubt science has some great pills out there but eggs are not all that bad cooked right.

Aaron of Running RX has been fantastic with support. We did a video today of my running and there is little to improve. The real issue is getting more blood to the right calf given it is cramping almost right away. Aaron gave me some streach tips which should help and gave me some new information as to what the pain meant. So far I have just put up with the cramps. At some point you get used to it.. however that is a problem in the long run.

I figure to run as much as i can until the 8th of October. On the 8th i will start a rest period with an increase in protein and carbs.. plus tons of liquids.. see what happens.


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