Monday, September 1, 2008

September 1st, 2008

Ok. I have been putting in about 100 miles per week. During the month of August I failed to run 2 days that means 29 days or running. Most of my shear miles is in the mountains of Bent Creek the rest has been around UNC Asheville. (UNC Asheville is at night most of the time)

The big challenge is eating enough protein and carbs. I am pushing down about 8k per day in calories and this is not enough. My weight is dropping super fast. Even at night when i should weight the most I am not. Example. August the first I weighed in at 178. Today, the first day of September I am at 168. Ten pounds in one month. I can see the ribs on my back.

The other big challenge is my right leg. I am getting cramps sometimes so bad I can not run and other times just enough to be a pain in the butt. I know why. For months the shoe problem took away from the right leg. The right foot was injured due to the wrong shoes for months and now the right leg is way behind in power and strenght then the left leg.

I am taking something to relax the muscles and that is helping. If i take it before i run it really helps. I think the leg needs protein in super mass amounts along with amino acids. That is my guess given the rest of the body is not having cramps.

I plan on doing at least 125 per week until the end of sept. On october first I plan on dropping to 80 until the 8th at which time i will stop running.

Picking up another pair of 874 shoes on Tuesday. They are the reason I have made it this far. I can not imagine what i would be doing right now without them. No more serious feet problems.

One more month of super hard running. Soon it will be over.

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