Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 6th, 2009

The last few days I have been posting my times.. and some important left brain details in an online runners log.. it has been fun.. (the runnerslog) .. is the name i think. The best part about that addition to my running is it gives the left brain something to do.. so far i have been running as far as i think i should.. and not really keeping track of details..

Thanks to my friend Davy Crocket the log is now an important tool to my running and training.

This week will see my total for the week above 85.. at least.. or there abouts. My average during June needs to be in the high 80s.. with each month adding another 10 miles.. so by the time of the race i should be doing 115 miles a week with no problem.

Today the foot did great.. but the blood was a mess. Ok I am stupid. I go out and run in the heat with no water.. except dirty streams.. which i drink out of.. and no food..nothing.. so by the time i get to mile 15 i am a total mess.. the body is weak on blood sugar... way to weak.. but understand this issue and challenge... so tomorrow i hope to leave some food near the trail 5000 point.. where it meets the 479 fire road... the shunt-in trail crosses this..

I love the single track runs. I love them. They are so at peace with me.. just wish my body could go more.. but.. without the blood in balance i am fucked.. so just got to figure that one out.. not sure why some days i am doing super well.. and other days i am doing so poor..

So, some food.. something for the body.. i might make a peanut butter and jelly sand... and leave it someplace safe.. along with something that is carb loaded liquid.. then keep going.. i hate having things on me or carry anything..

I think i did about 23 miles.. because i went up the trail futher then before.. well at any time.. i made it to the bitch switch backs from total hell.. they dont switch for much.. based on the map.. but are key for the 50 mile run i hope to do up there in august..

what do i hope to do sunday.. ? Good question.. I am off to help a friend.. and I have no idea what my legs will do tonight.. some nights they hurt so much.. they scream with pain.. I lack protein and amino acids is my guess.. shit.. more money i have to spend..

so how is the body? shit.. for my age i am kicking ass.. super kicking my ass.. the body is getting very strong.. very good.. and a bit lighter ever week.. i am very happy what all this means to me as a person..

tony.. you are right.. the human race.. a good part of the american human race is not pushing themselves.. at all..

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