Saturday, May 30, 2009

May 30th, 2009

Well the rain stopped.  Amaziing but true.  Every river and stream is at the max and everything green is super green.  Of course if there is no rain the wonderful snakes return.  Yes I almost stepped on one super long black one and another black one was spotted in front of me before i managed to almost step on it too.. no fear.. black ones wont kill you.. just make you feel sick.. 

First, i got up early and did a short but tough run up shunt-in.  The old 875 shoes had hit their max.  I think all the rain made them worth less faster then normal and they provided zero protection for my sad right foot.  

Given i am trying to support the economy of this area I picked up another pair from Foot RX which just happens to have 5 pairs my size in stock with my name on them.. so no one can buy them.. it is true.. i go through a pair of shoes every month or so..  only way to help prevent stress fractures.. for my old bones.. 

Given i had another pair of shoes i headed back out to the trail.  The heat was there.. but the soul wanted to run a bit more.. so i pushed as hard as I could.. hitting my wall a few times.  The sugar engine in my body was falling behind.  Plenty of fuel.. but could not get it to the places.. fast enough.. so .. i hit a wall.. then would slow down.. then would have energy.. kinda strange.  near the end of the run i was feeling super strong.. too bad.. but it was getting late and i wanted only one thing.. no not sex.. food.. i love food after long running days. 

The two runs together bring the run for the day to 4 hours.. and who knows how many miles.. miles are stupid cause the single track runs are single track.. rock.. sticks.. roots.. you name it.. how fast can you run on this.. not really sure.. sometimes.. super fast.. sometimes slower.. depends..  

Today was not busy in the forest..not sure where everyone is at.. but the numbers are way down.. to sad.. but i enjoy the forest to myself..   

The right foot is doing well.  It hurts sometimes super bad. .. and with the new shoes i should be ok..  

Plan on running sunday.. the same run i did this morning.. unless Aaron decides to join me.. he is a much better runner on trail.. and much younger.. so if he does run with me i will get my butt kicked.. 

ps:  still no woman.. i think they are all afraid of the forest.. that is all i can figure.. 

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