Friday, May 15, 2009

May 15th, 2009

Sweet run today plus great new shoes.  I have been rather short of cash (not as broke as GM, but broke) which means old shoes.  Today i found myself running in my new NB 875 shoes.  Wow.  Heaven.  My feet love them.. i even think my left foot looked up at me and smiled.. the right one is a pain in the ass.. so it did not smile.. but screw the right foot.  

Today started at the parking lot at the entrance.. throught the connnector and out to 479a.  From 479a i ran all the way up to sleep gap trail, to the top of the parkway, along the shunt-in / parkway trail all the way to the highway and then back to the parking lot.  The shunt-in / parkway trail was pretty.. it was amazing in color and silence..   Given it has rained so much the ground was soft..  (note: God did not try to kill me today with Lightning.. thanks)

My goal is to do 30 on saturday.  I have to work sunday.. so Saturday is the day.  Push as hard as my body will go and see what happens.  So far my running is on track.  My right foot still acts like it is broken and the lower back is a bit upset with me..   outside that i am doing very well.  Body fat is about 10 percent.. which is good for an old man.. ..and i run between 5 to 6 miles per hour.. on trail.. 

enjoy.. more after the saturday run..  Boy do i love my new shoes.. 

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