Monday, May 25, 2009

May 25th, 2009

The last couple of weeks have been great because of the new shoes.  Sunday I pushed the wall as hard as i could.  Four hours of running mostly single track trail full of rocks, sticks and everything else nature could throw in.  Running the fire roads is easy compare to the single tracks but the view on the single tracks makes the entire challenge worth it.   

Most important I am never really tired.  My need for water starts to show up about mile 18.. or so.. but it has been raining so much that the air seems to supply all the water i need.  My right foot is still a problem and I can assure you it starting to take away from the peace of the run.  However, the point of running is not to win.. cant win much at my age.. the point is to push the mind and body.. to do what everyone else is not doing.  See if the mind gets upset.. see what happens when i push that hard and to learn from the process.  

At times I get upset and the peace of the forest is beaten by the sounds of my soul screaming out loud for no good reason.. 

The best example Sunday came near mile 20 when I was very tired from the wet beating, super wet.. i mean it has been raining for hours.. solid.. super hard.. my right foot hurts.. and so i start to bitch about life, sure sign i am human.  Before you know it i am in the middle of this mind game when all of a sudden the birds start to make tons of noise..  it is just me the birds and some snakes i am sure..   ok.. they get my attention and i shut up for a few minutes. 

I walked in the forest a bunch today.. get the right foot a rest.. it is feeling good today.. but yesterday was a very different story.  I also had a super bad rash that hurt so bad.. i was screaming when i got home.  

Will try to push for at least 3 long hours on Tuesday.. i look forward to the runs.. if for no other reason then the beauty of the forest right now..   the rain is making everything super green.. and things are growing like crazy.. 

Look forward to this weekend... One day will be with a friend of mine Nick.. few miles.. (tough to find sick people willing to run 20 plus miles on the fly) then Sunday see if i can run for 6 hours.. yes.. i said 6 hours.. time to get my body really angry.. 

thanks for reading. 
ps: new camera by mid next week and a repaired mountain bike.. i am starting to kick again .. a bit.. any way.. 

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