Monday, June 22, 2009

June 22nd, 2009

Since my last post the big news is a great right foot. After tons of work, patience and love the right foot is almost perfect. I get a bit of pain in the foot around mile 20 but not much and nothing like it was about a month ago.

I have started to post my logs on "" because it gives me better faster information then a spreadsheet which i never seemed to keep up todate. I also get to watch other runners throughout the east coast.

So far the weekly numbers are staying in the low 80 miles per week group. This is in line with my goal. I hope to push the number to 90 miles for July. Given the heat and lack of water this will be a big challenge.

My plan on dealing with the big numbers is more carbs with rice and pasta as a primary source. I will be drinking more smoothes as well as a product called "Revive" which is a natural liquid that the body seems to get more from then anything else liquid. I am also taking large amounts of sugar in a liquid form (2 cups) around mile 12 which is helping a bunch. The body is storing about 90 minutes of sugar in the muscles and when it runs out i run out. The brain giving in is the biggest point. I become lazy and not willing to push once the brain runs out of sugar. Keeping the body full of the stuff is key and it just requires me being far more professional about my running.

I have also ordered a product for O2 help from The product will help in several ways with my body and its use of O2. I also expect that it will help with speed issues. Right now I find myself not moving as fast the first half because i dont want to run out of energy during the second half. This is kind crazy and I need to pickup the speed at the start.. with the ending times rather solid.

My good runs are the shorter runs. I love to do a short 13 mile run on shunt-in that is so wonderful. The run is mostly single track and kicks my butt for the first few miles all up hill but then it drops. I can assure you there are tougher runs on this single track and i intend on adding them to my diet of running during July.

The new 875 NB shoes are great for running and i think played a very big role in my foot doing so well. On the other hand the shoe falls apart faster then any shoe i have ever owned. The shoe does very well in single track runs but the single track conditions eat up the stability of the shoe.
Overall I am very happy. My body is doing well through a natural form of eating like a horse instead of taking all sorts of strange man made things in order to get the numbers I need. The good race results will depend on learning how to keep the blood full of sugar.. .. if for no other reason then to keep my brain motivated.

The only challenge and a strange mix that I have added is short track runs. I find myself on my rest days running around the track a few times moving as fast as the body will move. The only problem with this is I threw a muscle that connects my hip to my butt. The result was flying in the air and landing on my hands and body. Looked great but did very little damage to me.

Thats all for now.

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