Sunday, June 28, 2009

June 28th, 2009

Today was special. Great run at Haw Ridge. (more on that in a bit) But most important, a wonderful day with a friend, sharing, expressing giving and being tight. Great blessings are not things you can touch, they are the people who touch your soul.. and you theirs too..

Haw Ridge:
I was not too sure what to expect and given i love to sleep did not get to the running place until around 11am. The goal regardless was to try a run in the super hot super wet conditions of Haw Ridge as part of my training for the race in October. On Saturday, the day before, I got shut down from the heat. The course in Bent Creek was more demanding with most of the run up hill on single track or fire roads. However, plenty of water and not as wet as Tenn. air.

What i learned was the track is super soft. I had tons of spring power with little or no impact to my knees or feet. The speed was amazing and the energy left over after 2 hours of running no water and nothing to eat was amazing.

I managed my vitamin intake a bit different. The night before i had tons of protein, rice and water. During the drive down took a couple of Iprofin, some vitamin B and then some general for old people type vitamins. When i arrived a couple of hours later i added scaps to the list of items, two pills. I should have taken them a bit earlier given they got my stomich upset a bit.

Most of the run was around the forest park. I got lost a few times which added miles and a bit of concern because that is one place you can get lost for a few hours if you try hard.

My future goal is to return in two weeks and do the loop twice minus the getting lost part. This should mean a 3.5 hour run or about 19 miles.. see what happens. One thing for sure is it was a great place to run on single track.

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