Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4th, 2009

First and most important stuff:
Aaron made me a "Friends and Family member of Foot RX".. kinda best stated as a team member.. as they build their team. I figure if you are old.. and someone wants to take care of you.. cause you run hard.. well that is a good thing.. no .. a great thing.. so i am very honored.

The week was a tough one at work or a super slow one. Some days i worked my butt off and others I just sat around. The tough days caught me on the running and the easy ones made running heaven. On Thursday after our work meeting i went out for a short single track run. (13.5 shuntin). The body was very upset with me and many things broke. The end result was I had to sit out Friday which caused me to be very sad.. but in the end given I worked 13 hours on Friday.. a good thing.

The run on Saturday was special. Ok.. what does special mean? Legs get pushed. Body pounds hard and a few times i feel like the world is ending. However tons of good hills.. tons of single track on good hills and some real strong times. Amazing part i am running my butt off and still having tons of energy left over. That is important. No food and just a bit of water from dirty streams with 22.5 miles in 4.02 hours. Not a bad time and a great run.

My goal for July is to run at least 90 miles per week with a 50 mile run at Haw Ridge on Friday, July 16th. The run on Friday is about pushing the body and learning what I am weak at. My friend will keep an eye on me.. but the logic is to do 12 mile loops... stop get something then keep going. Haw Ridge is so soft that the body does not feel as much impact so I am expecting some good times. However, the air is wet, wet and more wet along with some heat and you have shut down in the works.. so we will see.

I worked out at the new gym in town; "Rush". I felt like i was in Southern California.. very San Diego ... very flashy.. i am not sure where in the hell they got their money. I rode on a virtual mountain bike. Ok. I am getting old.. which means.. i was excited when we got a black and white tv.. so can you imagine what the virutal mountain bike did for me.. shit.. i am screwed.. love that thing.. and am hoping someone gets me one for xmas.. well maybe..

The body is in great shape. I am holding at around 170 to 174.. the range is cause no one's scale says the same thing.. i figure i am full of water.. or have no water at all. My low has been 165 after a run and 177 after a run.. the 177 was due to no potasium (sp).. or electrolytes..(sp)..

more as i run more..

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