Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 18th, 2009

Ok: Why would anyone run 45 miles in one day let alone 100 miles? Cause I like ice cream. Does that work for you?

Since my last post I managed to go from a tiny wound in the bottom inside left leg to running 45 miles in about 8 hrs and 15 minutes with amazing split times, or at least amazing if you are old like me.

I managed to get some sort of left leg injury that seemed to only hurt if i walked but did nothing while i was running. Not sure what caused it but my guess is bad shoes. The injury went away after i rested for a few days; torture no less but important if i want to get better.

This week started with 3 19 mile days. The weather is getting less wet and more sun but cool sun so the times are rather good; around 3 hrs and 20 minutes give or take. I am never in a big hurry and given most run past me super fast no need to worry too much about speed.

On Saturday I took a course that is 22.5 miles and includes a very tough single track for about 1/3 of the run and doubled it. I did the course twice with a nice rest of 20 minutes between or there abouts. The first 22.5 was done in 3 hrs and 30 minutes a pb no doubt. Amazing. I had so much extra time that i rested and ate well, drank well and thought well.

The second half went ok with some resting on super tough hills. I was scared that my legs would cramp up or my head would bonk but my legs never cramped and my head never bonked. I finished the second 22.5 miles in 3 hours and 50 minutes. Both split times are much less then the average during training of 4 hours.

The weather on saturday was cool with a breeze which i am sure helped. I had some Oxygen issues for the first 5 or 6 miles.. not sure why the body managed to work out the problems. For the first time in any run i was drinking a mixture i made of maltodextrin. The stuff seems to be in love with my body and visa versa because i had no bonk and tons of energy. Most of the energy was from the good oxygen vo2max rate.. and some from my head feeling fine.

I was not too sure i had 45 miles in so given i might be off by a mile or two i ran another 2 miles which i have not included in my times just in case. I wanted my numbers to error on the side of more work not less.

So now that i have done the WTF (as i learned from Tony) training run.. what is next? Good question. I am going to do one of these double course runs at least once a week. Sure they take all day (8 hrs and 15 minutes for this last one) but they help train the legs for a super long run or so i hope.

I love to run the single tracks however, the snakes are out in full force an Bears are taking a dump on the trail.. not a good sign.. kinda like.. hey.. maybe you should take up tennis.

July Numbers so far
1homey claus CPTC257.9MilesNew York
2frankbott AVL213.5MilesNorth Carolina
3coop74 CPTC196.5MilesNew York
4sarahA CPTC194.8MilesNew York
5sonny67 184.9MilesMichigan
6felice CPTC181.06MilesNew York
7sonic 179.78MilesOhio
8bigdog531 171MilesNew York
9susanmls CPTC169MilesNew York
10trackstar BTUNCPEM164.5MilesMaryland

June Numbers
glenn flynn3163

Enjoy.. to many more runs..

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