Thursday, September 23, 2010

September 23rd, 2010

Regional President of the
Old Farts Ultra Running Club!

I do not support the Tea Party Only Green Tea Parties!

Old and Ugly but not slow. My self pic after running a 13.3 mile run with 6,000 vfg & loss in under 1:47. I am pleased. Not bad for an old ugly man.

Just few weeks ago

Only a few weeks ago my left foot was a mess. Nothing worked. It hurt all the time and never seemed to heal. The foot doctor treated me like i was crazy for even trying.

Today I am happy to report that four weeks later my left foot is happy and has now run over 400 miles.

It is true that I am still ugly as all hell but the left foot is perfect and the right foot is happy.

The training schedule until race day:
At this point in the game i am going to push the body as hard as it will go. Nothing is going to stop me from pushing. Distance is important but not as important as lung max and hard running miles. I want speed with distance other wise what is the point. So far I am doing 15 mile runs in 8:14 min. miles which is good given i am old as dirt. (well.. maybe not all dirt just some dirt)

This saturday the goal is a day of running all freaking day. I plan on doing a loop on the shut-in trail that gives me 10 miles per loop. This will give me plenty of fluid stops as well as a few rest stops with the dog. If all goes well I should have the 40 plus miles completed in 8 hours or less.

I leave for my race on the 9th out of Ktown. My last stop will be with my super tight bro, brian who gives and gives and never stops giving. Once in Utah I plan on sleeping high for at least 2 days. This will give me an extra boost of blood so that my body is more able to adapt to the altitude on the trail.

Hudson is my hero once again. He will be support and the poor guy who must put up with me. I plan on bringing my creature of God who provides tons of love and companionship as well as being a pain in the butt half of the time.

The body is ready. The mind is ready and I am ready. The key is having fun and knowing that due to age this may be my last shot at 100 miles.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

September 2010 Report 1

Pony Express Update:

"Insanity, craziness or madness is a spectrum of behaviors characterized by certain abnormal mental or behavioral patterns. Insanity may manifest as violations ofsocietal norms, including becoming a danger to themselves"

I found the above when i did a search on Google. Yes, it does seem that those of us we run these long races are crazy and yes it is true that near the end of our ability we have reached the point of Madness! My foot doctor has assured me that I am crazy. "The pain you feel in your feet is due to pounding the hell out of them for hours. There is nothing i can do except tie you to this chair to help reduce the pain".

Training over view:
When I returned from my long run today the first "Facebook" post I noticed was from Davy Crockett. He had just finished some insane training run of super long distance. I was at first very proud of my 18 mile run.. but my 18 miles was nothing compared to his run of 59 miles. No wonders this guy wins the races and I just manage to stay alive. Yes, I said alive.

The numbers look very good. I am doing about 70 to 75 miles per week with an average of 8.2 min miles for 18 or so mile runs. The body punishes me when I eat or drink anything with sugar the night before the run. I did that last night and felt tons of pain in my legs. However, I just continued to push no matter the pain until the end of the trail.

I am not doing anything close to last year. As a matter of fact I am not even close but who cares. Last year I was in perfect shape up to a week before the run then I managed to get super sick. The body was in top condition so even with the sickness I kicked butt but.. nothing like i should have.

Finish 100 miles:
Yes, I will make it all 100 miles. Two big reasons, better hydration plan and the fact that the turn around point is at mile 58. This will push me past the wall that seemed to stop me every time. I hope to pass mile 50 under 11 hours and then do my best until the finish. The key is not thinking it is late because it is dark. I keep getting tricked on this one. The month of October is the first month when dark falls fast.. and if you are not told the time.. your brain could get tricked.

First, Tony is an amazing runner. His dedication blows me away. His life and how he presents himself also blows me away. I was glued to my computer during Western States and have tons of respect for this man. Tony managed to Bonk at Leadville ( He gave up around mile 81.

Last year i also gave up on the Pony Express. I too had bonk issues. My brain fell apart. However, 2 hours later my brain was in top condition again. I found myself under one of the support drivers cars fixing his engine in the middle of no where trying to fix his car problem. Amazing and a good learning point. If I can crawl under a car.. i can keep running.

This year I will rest if my brain fails.. if my body fails.. then start up again.. That will really help.. To Tony that would not make logic.. because he is a champion.. i am just some crazy old man running like hell.

Running 100 miles is never easy. Running 100 miles at 53 is nearly impossible. I plan on doing the impossible. I can see the end.

Man, this photo blows me away.. make me want to cry.. and helps me to know.. that pain is just down the road.