Sunday, March 8, 2009

March 8th, 2009

Another Great 20 Mile Run:

The last couple of weeks since the last post have seen good long runs, great times in the gym pushing the legs and the flu.  I managed to have a great run last week in freezing rain and snow. The next day was colder and by monday we had 13 deg. weather outside.  

Given i work outside the body was upset.  However, today, Sunday, the weather was perfect.  I think it managed to get above 80 during my run which is amazing given it was 13 on Monday.  

If I had taken water with me there is no doubt that I could have done at least 5 more miles.  The lack of good water supply is always a challenge out at Bent Creek.  

Today I ran from the first parking east of the park to 479a.  From 479a I ran all the way to the top of 5000 trail which is the way to Mill Creek.  From this point I turned around and headed home giving me about 20 miles.  I did the run in around 3 hours and 15 minutes which is good for this old guy. 

My goal this coming week is to run short run about 12 miles on Monday with Tuesday being long miles.  Wed should be a rest day and Friday another rest day given I have work issues. However, next saturday and sunday should see some good miles given I am not sick. 

My training program has changed a bunch.  I now spend nights in the gym and when I am not running in the morning I try to get in at least 45 minutes at the gym.  The gym includes about about 30 minutes hill climbing and running super fast on the treadmill.  The rest of the time is spend on weights for the legs.. and a bit for the upper body.  The body seems to enjoy this mix of work.  

My friend Hudson wanted to know how I was doing.  My answer to him was simple, I am at least 30 percent better off right now then I was in Sept of last year..