Sunday, August 30, 2009

August 30th, 2009

What form of stupidity drives a person to run in the middle of the day for 21 or so miles? Why not run in the morning when the air is cool and your body has just consumed a hot cup of motivational coffee? Heck if i know but for reasons beyond sanity I try to run my weekend runs in the middle of the day so i can sleep in and pretend I am a normal american looking for rest and fun on the weekend when in fact I am far from normal and work all week long so i can run in the middle of the day and feel like total shit!

Lets start with Saturday. I decided that I need to do something different with my runs so I started on the super 15 degree up hill 2.5 mile run that then loops through a wonderful single track which then finds its way back to the bottom of the 2.5 mile hill. Of course the run was started at 1:00pm and the heat was already going crazy along with 100% moisture in the air without it raining.

Given that most of my brain is fried (years of living in Los Angeles) i decided to run this loop 3 times and only when there is nothing left of myself do I stop at the bottom of the third loop. I have no idea how far i just ran but decided the runs are nearly 6 mile loops given I run about 4 miles per hour up a 15 degree climb and run 7 miles down hill for 2 miles.

But there is much more to the story:: Saturday really started in the gym riding a stationary bike that shows you in virutal space your ride (kinda fun). I of course selected the third hardest virtual rides so i could end up soaking wet after 20 minutes of super up hill riding. (now that everyone is afraid they will die of the swine flu those of us who really work out and get all wet are known as the danger to society types)

Yes, I then went for my run and then given I still have a small amount of energy left over decided to return to the gym to do some more riding and weight lifting.

Sunday morning:
I felt like total shit. I felt like some large truck had just run me over. So what do i do? I clean the entire house including the bathroom and finish all of my laundry. I then eat a bit of food and not thinking twice i head out the door around 1pm while the sun is beating the shit out of everthing and start a 21.2 mile run of which most of it is up hill and the only source of water is small dirty stream water bears pee in during the night.

Ok so what do i feel like right now? I am sore, tired and ready to hit the bed. I am upset with myself that I did not run the 21 miles faster; walked about 1.5 miles of it and was off by 1/2 hour on the split.

Of course my brain has no end to the insanity. It wants to pop up first thing in the morning and try to at least do my fun 14 mile single track run. I love the run so maybe it will happen but on the other hand have i lost my mind? Yes.

In the end do i really think all of this will help me finish my 100 mile run? Heck if i know. However, given someone who i very much respect had a DNF I dont feel too bad. Here is one of many cool photos of Tony after being shutdown.

August numbers with at least one more day left in the month, monday. I wonder what will happen..

1frankbott AVL423.8MilesNorth Carolina
2homey claus CPTC418.7MilesNew York
3port147 365MilesWashington
4coop74 CPTC355.2MilesNew York
5jhm CPTC329.75MilesNew York
6sonic 324.35MilesOhio
7jfb1 CPTC299.25MilesNew York
8pmonster BTUNCPEM279MilesNorth Carolina
9susanmls CPTC274.3MilesNew York
10scs CPTC273MilesNew York

Sunday, August 23, 2009

August 23rd, 2009

The first thought that keeps entering my mind is Tony.

Something went wrong around mile 70 and he had to quit the Leadville 100. It would be nothing to me if I did not know how hard this man worked to get ready for this race. His personal sacrifice and energy for training coming back from injury says something for his efforts and the cost of the DNF. I however, hope that he has the same fight i had when i failed to finish the Pony Express last year. I reviewed my failures and studied my body. Most important, I just did not give up. I took the time to change my training to reflect my bodies needs and then discounted the real value of the race. The primary point was not the race and never is. The primary point for me is getting up every day, running, seeing nature, feeling the power of the planet i live on and staying in top conditon so my body and mind can meet any challenge life might throw my way.

Tony is still my hero. He is unplugged from the system, does what he loves and is his own man.

My training is going well. I keep blowing through shoes like they are free water. My last pair of shoes lasted no more then 150 miles before they split top front. Amazing damage my guess from running over something super sharp.

The right leg which is what did me under last year is doing super well. The key is the body and its ability to install, create and enlarge blood vessles in the right leg so the circulation of blood is much better. I look down at my right leg and see tons of new vessles that did not exist last year at this time.

My times are getting stronger and the distance is moving over the 100 miles per week which is amazing given work is doing all it can to make life difficult. My primary goal this year was to reduce the amount of fat in my legs. My legs are lean but not as lean as they could be. This will be an issue.

I hope to reach 420 for the month of August and see 130 mile weeks for September. Tough goals but goals none the less. I will taper down first of October to 60 and 70 mile weeks with at least 1 super long distance.

If i can run the first 50 miles in 10 hours that is good. The last 20 miles is the point of this type of race. How much energy do you have left to run that last 20 miles? The more the better chance you have of doing well in the race.

Example: The top runners last year managed to get to the 50 mile mark around 10 hours. They then spent almost 14 hours on the last 50 miles. This means slow running / walking the last 50 miles. I hope to do the same except in the last 20 miles. That will be interesting to say the least. The plan may fail but the point is trying.

As I run i also ask myself how many more years can i keep up this level of training and racing? Not sure. But i do know that a move out west would be a good first step to keeping up this insanity because so many of my running friends live out west. Something about the west that lends itself to running long distances.

In closing: Fight Tony. It is really the only thing we have in a tough and insane world.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August 11th, 2009

Bugs. I said tons of Bugs. The bugs seem to have decided to want the water that lays on the top of my legs, shorts and rest of my body at any and all cost. Given the temp. outside is in the 90s and the air is as thick as water you would think the bugs would have all the water and heat they need. But no. The little guys have picked me.

The good news is they are just a pest. Most die the minute i see them because like Obama I am getting good at killing anything small that flies and bugs me; bugs that is.

Now for the running. Last few weeks have seen 100 mile plus runs. The running is starting to be a burn out and I am thinking what on earth could i be doing this running for. However, given i have no logic in my brain i keep running.

The good news is my body is starting to look like it did when i was in high school wrestling. Well almost. My hips have kinda started to merge with my chest causing me to look like some little fellow in Peru that sherpas part time during the weekends.

My legs on the otherhand are starting to look good. I have reduced my overall diet and increased my load of soy and real meat protein. Both seem to be doing their job and giving me leaner leg muscles. However, given i am suppose to be climbing high mountains my legs are still a bit on the bulk side which means more energy to move them forward.

Yesterday I spent the first 2.5 hours running in Knoxville at Haw Ridge. I love Haw Ridge but the bugs also love Haw Ridge and given the air is about 100% water the run is not much fun. After completing the run I stopped over at Bent Creek and did my climb single track run up shunt in. It was fun but challenging given I had already run in hot tough conditions. Total miles for the day comes to about 30.

My real concern is my mind. As the running gets longer my mind starts to burn out. I find myself with less endurance or so it seems. However, there is plenty of power and muscle to move me forward but the mind would reather be doing anything but running. Not sure how to fix this but i will fix it or fall on my face like a fool.

I enjoy reading Tony's blog. He can write better then i can and most important is doing something super impressive. I am not sure if at his 25 we are both about the same. I ask myself, "Do i get a handicap for being 52 running 100 miles a week over his 150 mile runs per week? Not sure. In any case I think we both have done well.

But the run is not the point. The point is i love most of the minutes out there. I see turtles, bears, snakes and all sorts of creatures including 100 different types of bugs that all know how to fly some faster and slower then others. The world seems to think that the soul is only happy when we are going to church or the mall. I have found my souls love point by running in the desert or the mountains and connecting to the very planet i came from. Shame on me i know.. should really find my love for money but heck.. it never seems to do much for me but melt holes in my pockets.

Am i ready for October? Heck if i know. I will be smarter and leaner no doubt. My feet will be in very good condition and my body ready to do 200 miles but the brain is the point. If the brain is not ready then i will get my butt kicked. Yes i am a bit concerned but nothing I cant over come for sure.

July Ending Numbers: My goal was 400 so i was a bit short. Why? Lazy!

homey claus449.71
glenn flynn3405

August so far... as of the 10th
1homey claus CPTC154.3MilesNew York
2port147 142.5MilesWashington
3frankbott AVL141.2MilesNorth Carolina
4coop74 CPTC127.8MilesNew York
5jhm CPTC125.5MilesNew York
6pmonster BTUNCPEM106MilesNorth Carolina
7glenn flynn 105.5MilesNew York
8trackstar BTUNCPEM105MilesMaryland
9sonic 104.4MilesOhio
10susanmls CPTC103.8MilesNew York