Monday, November 23, 2009

November 23rd, 2009 Freedom Park Ultra

shoes, tons of shoes this year!

Winter Running:
For me the true sign of an insane runner is when that runner keeps running even when the weather outside gets nasty, wet and super cold. Given it is super cold and wet outside my guess is I am insane.

Most of the time November, December and January are gym days. I seldom do much running during the dead of winter and start up my trail runs during the month of Feb. However, this year I have decided to give the Freedom Park Ultra a try.

My training for the Freedom Park Race:
First, this race requires running around a 1 mile course, around and around until the clock says 24 hours. The course has a few teeny hill climbs which start to add up around mile 20 or so but also offer a change in pace from an all flat run. Second, the race is during New Years Eve ending on New Years Day. For those who do not know the weather in Western North Carolina it will be cold.

My training has consisted of running the 1 mile course during the weekends (20 miles is the average) and spending most of my training runs around the UNC campus running on roads and sidewalks. A few times I have headed out to the forest to do a run including one night run. The only challenge with the forest right now is the hunters. Even if you wear orange there is a good chance you will get shot so until the season ends on December 12th I will stick to the roads and the UNC campus.

What do i see when I run around the campus?
I start my run at the top of the UNC Asheville Campus. Located at the top of the hill is the center for retired folks. The parking is free there and it is center point for my runs.

The cool part of the run is all the young people in their cars. I see car after car drive by and then maybe if I am lucky a student on a bike. My guess is the ratio is about 1 student on a bike for every 100 cars that drive by. I then run outside the campus to a city street. For some reason this one mile section is super cold even on a sunny day. I make my way down the city block until the campus re-appears. Once back on campus I climb a big hill past some construction for a Wellness center and then onto the UNC campus track. I run the track one or two times then take back off into the center of campus and back up my hill to the place where I parked the car. The entire loop is about 3 miles.

On a good day I run past my car off to a small trail in the forest surrounding the campus. This trail is up and down and then down and up but only last around 1 mile.

The challenge is to run for at least 3 hours. Given this is the most boring run I can think of (until the Freedom Park run) the three hours is tough to come by.

It is important to note that three times a week I work out my legs and lungs super hard at the local gym. This work out along with the runs has kept my weight around 168 which for November is amazing.

If all goes as planned I will be on the 1 mile trail this weekend doing my best to run around the course as often as possible. If I am lucky at least 4 hours of good running.

Things I need before the Freedom Park Race:
1) A pair of 875 shoes not modified or made lighter. Stock
2) An additional pair of tights for the night part of the run
3) At least 2 or 3 tops that suck up the water so my chest stays dry and warm
4) New pair of running socks.
5) An Ipod loaded with dance music.
6) And if luck allows my sister to help me stay sane.

Until next time. Current Nov. Running Log.
About 120 miles short of a summer log for the month
but about 150 more miles then last year in Nov.

1Runner9 394.5MilesWashington
2glenn flynn 242.7MilesNew York
3coop74 CPTC238.65MilesNew York
4sarahA CPTC237.25MilesNew York
5frankbott AVL221.2MilesNorth Carolina
6bigdog531 209MilesNew York
7ktwhite 208MilesVirginia
8StuartXC CPTC206.9MilesNew York
9aconlon CPTC200.95MilesNew York
10bill CPTC198.5MilesNew Jersey


Jeffery Bott said...

Frank, my name is Jeffery Bott and I do ultra's too. I live in Phoenix. I don't have a blog site, but you can find me on Athlinks

Keep up the good running. I DNF at JJ100 this year, but have a 24 hour race on new years and hope to get 80-90 miles.

Do you have family in Oklahoma?

Frank said...

Thanks for the comment. I had one DNF myself.. but had several great 50 mile races this year..

Which 24 hour new years eve race are you in? I am running the Freedom Park race in North Carolina.. it will be very cold..

most of my family is in Southern California and Utah..

Not very many Bott folks out there.. good to know you.. stay in touch.. good luck with your races..

Jeff B. said...

Frank, I'll be thinking of you as I run a race much like the one you will be running, but in the nice Phoenix AZ weather. I hope you have a great race. Bott's representing in the same type of race on the same day, but over a thousand miles apart. Good luck!