Tuesday, October 7, 2008

October 7th, 2008

Today was the last training day. Body is doing super well. No injuries just a very burnt out and tired soul from running all the time. Did about 180 miles last 7days. Tons of food and tons of running kinda defines that many miles.

Today did a minuture run of maybe 10 miles. Tried to enjoy my run, go places i used to go and see the forest for the last time before the big run.

I have no idea how I will do. My body seems in top condition but I am also 51 so it really depends on the next few days and how well my body rest, repairs and fixes all that is broken. The right calf still hurts but i have grown used to the pain.

The last month was about no water on the runs, no scaps .. nothing.. push the body super hard with no reward during the run. The basic idea is to build up resistance and get used to feeling like crap.

I hope to do one small run around beaver pond which kinda where this insanity started. Not sure how that will feel given the run is less then a few miles at best and all flat. Wow. Three years later if I am not running super hard long distances I feel like I did nothing.


so ... today starts the period of rest.. for both the soul and the body.. see how it goes..

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