Saturday, October 11, 2008

October 11th 2008

The training has stopped. So what has happen? Well not what i expected. First, I reduced my diet from tons of food to a normal amount or less. Second, my joints started to really hurt. The left ankle started to hurt and the right knee also started to hurt. No real reason why. Today, about 4 days later the joints seem to be getting better even though the sleep last night was very limited. The other strange thing was pee. Heck within 24 hours of not running all i did was pee. This lasted for about 48 hours. Today i feel much better. I think brian, my tight bro, gets credit. He made sure i ate so much food last night. I never felt hungry.. i just ate and ate and ate.. so that is really good.

I plan on doing some running during the weekend and during the week prior to the run. Not long runs just short runs that allow me to stay ready. Yes, i am ready and yes i am excited.

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