Sunday, April 26, 2009

April 26th, 2009

The run today was best marked by the spotting of a super big owl.  I was near the 10 mile mark when out of no where comes this owl.  He stops and parks.  I do the same.  I tried to talk to him but the conversation went no where.  This is the largest owl i have ever seen in the wild.  He had at least a 3 foot wing span.  

added side note: and yes there was a long super fat gray ugly snake by the river.. he was more scared of me then i was of him..  but given i dont like snakes.. i wont talk about them. 

It was hotter today and i was still a bit tired from yesterday however i managed to run 25 more miles on somewhat of a different course.  Instead of starting in the 491 parking lot I started the run deep in the hole of the Arboritum (sp) near the highway.  I figured this would give me more up hill work and make the course a bit tougher then yesterday.   

My goal was to run up to the parkway then head on to the trail however, a small voice in my teeeny brain said bad idea given i might end up getting tired so pushing it was not a good idea.  

I did the 479a trail all the way to the hell road connector that takes me from 479 main road up to the 5000 trail point under the parkway road.  I ran down that road a bit then looped back on a the parkway trail where I stayed until I sneak back to the 479a trail for water.  By the time i got back to the water (small stream used by many creatures) my body was not too happy.  My problem was not my legs or feet but my blood sugar.  I have a teeny test kit which i took with me today only to find that the number it returned said i should be dead:  52.  Ok.  Given i was not dead then the reading must be wrong so I moved on.  

I had to walk about 1 mile total but in the end returned to the car with the last two or three miles very strong.  Yes!.  I am sun burnt, fried and beat up and in pain.  Yes real Pain.. can you imagine.. and i got all of this wonderful stuff for free!!!   or at best the cost of gas getting to the park.  

I plan on resting monday with a short run on tuesday.  I do hope to hit the gym a bit on those days in the evening.  My biggest issue is getting a few pounds off and working with the blood.  Ok, so i dont eat anything during the run and only drink stream water.. which some of it does have little creatures.. which i guess you could call that eating.. well maybe.  In any case I need to look at eating someting near the top of the 5000 trail.  

Next weekend is the same insanity.. maybe because i have a chance to see my friend in ktown.. and party.. and as much as i love to run.. i love to party just a teeeny bit more until of course the morning when this body reminds me that i should have been running.. 


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