Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feb. 22nd, 2009

After my efforts on the Pony Express I had to take some time off in November to let my right foot get a bit better.  During December my goal was to start training for the treadmill race.  The race was a 10 min. 10 degree see how far you could go race.  My time for the race in January was .95 miles which is pretty good.   I then took off a few weeks in January to rest the foot a bit more.  

Starting on the first of Feb I started to train both in the Gym and outside daily.  My runs started out small with the average daily run around 7 miles.  This last week i took the miles up to about 12 and today did about 20 miles.  

Even though my right leg is not perfect it is has come a long ways and both of my legs are much stronger.  I have found that tons of work with my lower body and some upper body in the Gym has helpped a bunch.  

The insanity of the economy and the demands of work have made running difficult but today I just focused on the sounds of my feet hitting the ground.  Davy Crocket publishes these audio sounds of his runs and the one thing I noticed was the sound of his feet hitting the ground.  Putting focus on the sounds helped me focus on just one thing and not the demands of life. 

My goal this year is the North Face Death Race and the Pony Express or the Pony Express and helping someone out at the Bad Water race.  see what happens. 

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